Our Pedigree:  Since 2000, we have designed and engineered Web-based Portal Systems for  "Mom and Pop" shops including those for Fortune 500, 250, and 100 companies.  Our repeated "thumbs up" customer feedback for the flexibility, reliability, and security nature of the software we build is our pedigree.  We continue to prove that with proper architecture and coding, Web Apps can have a 99.999% up time while assuring data privacy and protection.

Proven Forward Thinking:  In 2000 we created the Evolving Virtual Enterprise a.k.a. EVE - a business agnostic adaptive Web-based portal framework; and in 2004 we introduced our Countercepts security division and the EVE eContingency Management Center, a full-fledged emergency management system for college campuses which was adopted by one of the most prestigious colleges in the country - Claremont McKenna (click here to view).  In 2014 the division and technology was acquired and are now being advanced by Texas-based Countercepts Inc.

Withstanding the Test of Time:  After 14 years, one of the first legacy resistant systems X-tier designed, engineered, and implemented; the Bendix/King (Honeywell Aerospace) Technical Publications Library search is still up and running strong!


X-tier Inc.

Custom Web-based (Cloud) Software Architecture & Engineering.  From the smallest of businesses to the Fortune 500, 250, 100.  We have and continue to prove "we get it right the first time!"