All MERLENN editions comply with NIMS (National Incident Management System) recommendations for the public sector.  MERLENN EMS is an A-Z Emergency Management System with Mass Alerting & Notification.  MERLENN assures mandated and or optional compliance with the Clery, CMS, HIPAA, OSHA, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, PCA DSS, SOX. 

  • MERLENN for Healthcare  (CMS, HIPAA, SOX, ISO 27001).
  • MERLENN Educations (Clery Act, OSHA, SOX, ISO 27001).
  • MERLENN for Business (OSHA, SOX, ISO 27001).​​


MERLENN    is trademark of Counterspherics Inc.

Counterspherics CMS Survey, Compliance, & Certification - Introducing Multiple Emergency Response Linked Emergency Notification Network or MERLENN    by Counterspherics Labs. Customized for:

  • Home Health & Hospice Organizations
  • Hospitals, Clinics, & Medical Offices
  • Assisted Living Facilities, Nursing Homes, & Rehab Centers
  • City, State, Public, & Federal Government Agencies
  • Public/Private Educational, Communities, & Business Entities

MERLENN    R1F Main Features:  Mass or Selective Notification, Emergency Plan & Repository Management, Emergency Checklist Integration, Resource Alignment (People-Equipment-Supplies) , Tasking, Costing, and Tracking, Real-time Multiple Simultaneous or Separate Incident Tracking & Recording, Point-n-Click Visual Message Semantics Formulation, Local - National - Global Multi-Location Management, Incident Recovery Management, Risk Assessment, Inventory Management, Post Incident Analysis Reports, Testing & Training Management, Incident Simulation Management.

Pictured Above & Right:  The MERLENN R1 EMS ​

Mobile Micro-Software Appliance Healthcare Edition

by Counterspherics.

$2999 Counterspherics Emergency Planning &  Notification

Small Portable "Football" System includes the following:

  • Mobile System & Hard Case
  • Emergency Operations Plans by Incident
  • 6000 SMS (Text) Message Initial Pre-load Allocation
  • $299/yr - Quarterly Maintenance Updates after Year 1
  • Additional SMS (Text) Pre-loading at .08¢ - .10¢ per SMS
  • CMS Compliance (Healthcare)
  • Clery Compliance (Education)
  • SOX, PCI DSS, PCA DSS, OSHA Compliance (All Industries)
  • 12 Month Maintenance Subscription w/private secure VPN
  • Always Free Customer Support
  • Secure VPN Client Included for Maintenance & Updates
  • 1 Year of Specialized Safety Services Emergency Preparedness Training and CMS Attestation for Healthcare if applicable.


Pictured: MERLENN R1 EMS Healthcare Edition Action Screen

MERLENN by Counterspherics Labs

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Real-time Multiple Incident Management

The Genius of the      MERLENN EMS!

Specialized Safety Services - Security/Emergency Planning & Operations


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