MERLENN   EMS goes where you do while providing you continuous Local to Global reach.

in real-world local and global emergency events...

MERLENN    is trademark of Counterspherics Labs

The Magic of the      MERLENN EMS!

All MERLENN editions comply with NIMS (National Incident Management System) recommendations for the public sector.  MERLENN EMS is 360 degree Emergency Planning & Operations Management System with Mass Alerting & Notification capability.  MERLENN assures mandated and or optional compliance with Clery, CMS, HIPAA, OSHA, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, PCA DSS, SOX. 

  • MERLENN for Healthcare  (CMS, HIPAA, OSHA, SOX, ISO 27001)
  • MERLENN Educations (Clery Act, OSHA, SOX, ISO 27001)
  • MERLENN for Business (OSHA, SOX, ISO 27001)
  • MERLENN for Fed Gov (OSHA, SOX, ISO 27001, DISA STIG)

$3499 Counterspherics' Emergency Planning, Management, & Notification Mobile Appliance includes the following:

  • Mobile Appliance System & Hard Case
  • Emergency Operations Plans by Incident
  • 22 Checklists and counting
  • 6000 SMS (Text) Message Initial Pre-load Allocation
  • Quarterly Maintenance Updates
  • Additional SMS (Text) Pre-loading at .08¢ - .10¢ per SMS
  • CMS Compliance (Healthcare)
  • Clery Compliance (Education)
  • SOX, PCI DSS, PCA DSS, OSHA Compliance (All Industries)
  • Works in Real-time w/Point-n-Click Simplicity! 
  • Always Free Customer Support
  • Your own Secure VPN Emergency Network for Operations, Maintenance, & Updates. No corporate security issues here!
  • 1 Year of Specialized Safety Services Emergency Preparedness Training and CMS attestation for Healthcare if applicable.


Pictured: MERLENN R1 EMS Healthcare Edition Action Screen

Developed & tested by Emergency Planning and Operations professionals


"True genius resides in the capacity for evaluation of uncertain, hazardous, and conflicting information."

- Sir Winston Churchill

​​Pictured Above & Right:  The MERLENN R1 EMS &

Mobile Microsystem Appliance  - Healthcare Edition

by Counterspherics Labs.

MERLENN by Counterspherics Labs

Real-time Multiple Incident Management


Specialized Safety Services - Security/Emergency Planning & Operations

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MERLENN 360 Degrees of Emergency Management for Everyone!


Emergency Planning, Management, Notification, Compliance - Introducing the Multiple Emergency Response - Linked Emergency Notification Network or MERLENN    by Counterspherics Labs. MERLENN    is for:

  • Home Health & Hospice Organizations
  • Clinics, & Medical Offices
  • Assisted Living Facilities, Nursing Homes, & Rehab Centers
  • City, State, Public, & Federal Government Agencies
  • Public/Private Education, Communities, Venues, & Business Entities
  • Law Enforcement, Security, & Force Protection Operations \

Main Features:  Mass or Selective Notification, Emergency Plan & Repository Management, Emergency Checklist Integration, Resource Alignment (People-Equipment-Supplies) , Tasking, Costing, and Tracking, Real-time Multiple Simultaneous or Separate Incident Tracking & Recording, Point-n-Click Visual Message Semantics Formulation, Local - National - Global Multi-Location Management, Incident Recovery Management, Risk Assessment, Inventory Management, Post Incident Analysis Reports, Testing & Training Management, Incident Simulation Management. Human Response Accounting, Aural Threat Confirmation and more....

MERLENN by Counterspherics Labs