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July 2000, Overland Park, KS - X-tier, a Software as a Service dot com was founded and began official operations.  After 14 years, in October 2014  X-tier's adaptive and passive security counterstriking Enterprise Resource Planning Portal for mid-sized businesses called EVE, was sold to a Texas-based investment firm.

November, 2015 Claremont, CA - X-tier Inc. officially closed its doors.  Newly formed California-based Counterspherics begins operations.  Counterspherics Labs has consultants nationally and is a privately held cooperative of independent consultants.

Job Seekers - If you are interested in an initial 1099 tax-term position (prerequisite to becoming a Counterspherics employee) and:

  • Are a well rounded business and or IT/IS professional who has functioned at the business and technical leadership levels.
  • Posses an understanding or experience with business and or technical architectures.
  • Posses an understanding or experience with technical analytics, business analytics, IT/IS service process and or business process management.
  • Have the rare ability to  effectively communicate with executive leaders, business managers, and IT/IS staff on individual levels of understanding.
  • Have high standards of professional and personal ethics.
  • Are a self-starter
  • Pass drug screening and a background check.
  • Have an M.B.A., M.S. or equivalent experience in Business or Computer Information Science.

...then we'll provide you with the tools you need as a Counterspherics  Independent Consultant (CIC).  You may send us your Resume of Qualifications using our Contact page.  When you succeed, we succeed so we've put together a toolkit (1099) for our CICs.  Once your first assignment is complete and another is available - we can begin the W2 onboarding process or not, if you are happy with being a CIC.  CICs typically make a higher rate than W2 employees as they operate as self-employed entities.  If you need training, we will provide the expertise to get you going. 

The kit is FREE and contains these financial tools:

  • P/L (Profit and Loss Spreadsheet) - Track income and expenses.
  • G/L (General Ledger) - Track your income and expenses by line items.
  • Balance Sheet - Track what you own (assets) and what you owe (liabilities) in real-time.
  • Billing - Generate invoices for your services to Counterspherics and or others.
  • Account Reconciliation - Balance your bank account and verify incoming and outgoing $$$.
  • Customer List - Customer contact information for your billing.
  • Inventory List - Inventory information for your Independent Consultancy. 
  • Sales Tax Summary Report - Taxes paid while doing business as an Independent Consultant.